Meeting the Custom Performance Sportswear Challenge

The mantra in the custom sportswear making business: give the customer what they ordered and deliver on time.

Ten words. Easy, right?

No. As a company transitioning from where it was just over a year ago to the new VOmax freshly invigorated, realistic expectations for excellence, we’ve certainly experienced the pain of mistakes on our part. That pain has only strengthened us.

We first owned up to our mistakes and then, right away, invested strongly in improving team strength by adding two new sales managers, a production/sourcing manager, another graphic artist, and building up our robust, highly skilled factory force.

The result: a lot more customers with smiles on their faces like the couple in the top photo above.

Bottom line: the team we have now is a tightly knit family strongly dedicated to inspiring excellence, delivering what our customers expect on time – and having fun doing it!