Terrific VOmax Performance Weekend

Was a lot of fun participating and seeing VOmax out in force this weekend!

On the professional side, Pure Silk, KMPG, and VOmax custom sportswear sponsored 3rd year professional golfer, Mariah Stackhouse, was in second place after Saturday’s round at the 2019 Shoprite LPGA Classic. Mariah then finished the tournament tied for 5th place. Congratulations, Mariah!

Regarding VOmax participation, our new customer service rep. and new cyclist, Cati Morse, participated in a 25 mile “Light Up the Blue”, Springfield, MA, Police fundraising ride yesterday. Congratulations, Cati, for getting out on the bike and mixing it up with a group of Springfield Police supporters we’ve been partnered with for years.

Along the same lines, I helped mark the Bicycles Battling Cancer course with Mark Walter, Sun Multisports Events, Friday and then rode the almost century (97 miles) ride on a gorgeous Central Massachusetts weather day yesterday. Terrific event, great cause! (Even got a lot of compliments for the “3 Feet, Thanks!” kit I wore that we will be promoting actively.)

I got into the cycling wear business to improve cycling – and driver - safety as well as improve cycling participation. Doing both is one of our top priorities at the new VOmax. Along those lines exactly, Westborough Police Officer Rich Trainor and I led an excellent, well attended cycling safety event with Westborough, MA, Girl Scout Daisies Friday afternoon.

Performance in action and community connection, especially on a gorgeous weather weekend, makes what we do all that more purposeful – and fun!