VOmax Embraces Diversity

Since change of ownership in January 2018, VOmax has both strengthened and diversified its professional team base in that:

  • The company is majority-owned by Indian born Rajiv Singh in partnership with US Navy veteran Bruce Tretter
  • At our current count of 23, our team is made up of 12 men and 11 women
  • Of our 23, 10 are Caucasian, 4 are Puerto Rican, 4 are Vietnamese, 2 are African American, one is Indian, one is Sri Lankan, and one is Cambodian
  • Two of us are military veterans, one of whom is disabled

VOmax doesn’t hire for diversity. We rigorously seek out and hire the best people for the job. Like a cross section of our country, our VOmax family just happens to be diverse, and we love it!